A tour in Hannes Garden and Clinic on Fejoe in December
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A lovely cup of tea -Winter 2017 on Fejoe

This is my beautiful teacup. A present from a friend bought in China. In the middle section you leave the herbs, fresh or dried. You put on the lid after 7 minutes brew and take up the strainer. And the tea is ready to drink.
I use every day a morning tea of Dandelion leaves and lemon balm. Dandelion leaves cleanses the body for residues left overnight and lemon balm has a calming effect. This calming effect is good in the mornings to get ready to the coming day and not stress up.

Trained in 1963 as a nurse, but did not agree with how patients were treated neither by doctors or nurses, I decided to become a primary School teachers. However I did not have A-levels. As I lived in England, I did them as self-study, sitting on the Danish Embassy for written exams. Trained in Denmark for teacher, had music-therapy with physically and mentally handicapped, both at the school and privately. Had a fostering business in my home with employees. Volunteers created a Medical herbal garden "Oroe Urtehave" in my home and we had a BB-business. Now living on Fejoe another island and have here a clinic. I am a certified Acupuncturist TCM and Western Medicine. Have specialised in sessions via Skype: Emotional/Trauma release therapy and Healing.