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Dreams of Summer in Hanne Garden and Clinic

Hannes Garden is extremely important for the Clients coming to Hanne Clinic. On Fejoe in South Denmark our dreams come true due to the mild climate. So all seasons are a dream and especially the Summer seasons.
How would it be for your, if you dreams of a healthy body with connection to Creation could come true? That you regained your birth-right living in Unity with your body and Spirit?
I have during my 30 + years as a Therapist developed a treatment I call Emotional Trauma Release Therapy. I can be done in person or via Skype. My specials skills are being a Seer and an Empaths.
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Life building
Trained in 1963 as a nurse, but did not agree with how patients were treated neither by doctors or nurses, I decided to become a primary School teachers. However I did not have A-levels. As I lived in England, I did them as self-study, sitting on the Danish Embassy for written exams. Trained in Denmark for teacher, had music-therapy with physically and mentally handicapped, both at the school and privately. Had a fostering business in my home with employees. Volunteers created a Medical herbal garden "Oroe Urtehave" in my home and we had a BB-business. Now living on Fejoe another island and have here a clinic. I am a certified Acupuncturist TCM and Western Medicine. Have specialised in sessions via Skype: Emotional/Trauma release therapy and Healing.