Chamomille- Matricaria recutita
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3.gul krybende plante2. korsknap i bed1.korsknap på hegn







To get the lawn to wither in Hannes Have huge sheets were placed to cover the grass. Here I want to tell about one of the last pieces of lawn converted to bed.

Plants were planted in holes in the sheet. That sheet did not look very good, so I thought it an excellent idea to cover with Danish Korsknap (Glechoma hederacea). So they were planted in little holes here and there. It looked fine during the winter, but when spring came, I soon found out that Korsknap (Glechoma hederacea) is actually invasive in this soil.  I had fine experience with it in Oroe Urtehave, a medical garden on the Island Oroe. The soil was sandy there. On Fejoe the soil is stiff full of clay. The “Korsknap” loved it grew ever so fast (see photoe), so we had to get everything up sheets and “Korsknap”. First I left the   pieces of sheet and “Korsknap” to dry piled on top of each other. They continued to grow. Finally, I had to hang them to dry on a fence.

Then another creeper with fine yellow flowers was planted (have forgotten its name right now). It does not work either, it grows too fast. So Krybende læbeløs (Ajuca repens) has been chosen. It is pretty with reddish leaves and fine blue flowers.
Trained in 1963 as a nurse, but did not agree with how patients were treated neither by doctors or nurses, I decided to become a primary School teachers. However I did not have A-levels. As I lived in England, I did them as self-study, sitting on the Danish Embassy for written exams. Trained in Denmark for teacher, had music-therapy with physically and mentally handicapped, both at the school and privately. Had a fostering business in my home with employees. Volunteers created a Medical herbal garden "Oroe Urtehave" in my home and we had a BB-business. Now living on Fejoe another island and have here a clinic. I am a certified Acupuncturist TCM and Western Medicine. Have specialised in sessions via Skype: Emotional/Trauma release therapy and Healing.